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You have the ideas, you just don't have the time.


You know your business inside out and find yourself inspired to write down ideas for awesome blogs, articles and more. The problem now is finding the time to check your work. 

Does it sound right? Have you used key words that will help with your Digital Marketing plan? Is it engaging? Will the wider public understand what you're trying to say? 

A fresh pair of eyes is what you need. Content Market are experts at re-crafting your words into something wonderful. We ensure that your content will inspire potential customers as much as it inspires you. Most importantly we ensure it's the right length, has the correct tone and reads well. 

what's included 

  • Strategy consultations to ensure we create the correct tone and messaging for your desired audience.
  • Proof reading, checking and re-crafting (if desired) up to 5 pieces of pre-written copy (averaging 500 words each, or 2,500 words in total) per month. 
  • You can send us blogs, articles, advert scripts and more. Any words you need assistance with!